Privacy Policy

June 14, 2017

This privacy policy applies to,,, and (“the sites”).,, and are owned by Winslow Yerxa. is owned jointly in partnership by Winslow Yerxa and Jason Ricci.

The sites do not use cookies or other tracking devices.

Only data voluntarily disclosed by users and visitors is collected. This information is stored offline.

Data collected by the sites is used only for the business purposes of the sites and their owners, including notices of upcoming events or new products, newsletters, and similar uses. Such data will not be sold, transmitted, or otherwise disseminated to third parties except in the following circumstances:

  • To third parties acting as contractors to the sites. Third-party contracts are enjoined from using data disclosed for any purpose other than services for which the sites have contracted.
  • Under court order or other legally binding injunction, with disclosures made only to such parties as directed in such order.

Users and visitor who have disclosed information to the sites may request correction or updating of their information, or removal of their information and discontinuance of its use, by directing emails or letters to the following mailing address or email addresses:

The mailing address for the sites is:

PO Box 590717
San Francisco CA 94159-0717

Email communications may be submitted via the contact page for