Free Audio Practice Tracks

To start off our library of playalong files, we’re offering:

  • Drone files in all 12 keys
  • Backing tracks for blues in D

The drones can be used with any type of harmonica – diatonic, chromatic, bass, chord – you name it. Each drone runs over 6 minutes, featuring a full orchestra playing only the skeleton notes of the chord – the root and the fifth. Backed by just those two essenital notes, you have the tonal background to play a wide variety of major, minor and modal scales, arpeggios, chords and melodies. This can help you stay grounded in a key and in tune while practicing. It can also help you explore unfamiliar key positions, techniques, and musical materials (even weird alien stuff), by putting them in a tonal context.

Here are the drone files. To hear a drone, just click on the key you want. To
download it, right click and follow the menu.

Here are the blues backing tracks in D. You can use these to work on your third-position blues chromatic styling, or any type or position of harmonica you want to use to play blues in D.

  • Blue Walk in D This is a relaxed tempo 12 bar blues, running for four verses.
  • Blue Romp in D This is a standard 12-bar blues in D, at a lively tempo, running for several verses.
  • Choked and Rising This is a stop-time tune that’s a little unusual.
    • Instead of 12 bars, the verse runs 16 – the initial section on the I chord runs 8 bars instead of four, giving you extra time to riff before the IV chord comes along.
    • The first two verses are in D, while the last two are in Eb. If you’re playing a C chromatic, just press in the slide to change key. If you get adventurous, try finding more notes by letting the slide out. If you’re playing a diatonic, just have another harp at the ready that’s tuned one semitone higher than the harp you started with.