Winslow Yerxa | Harmonica: Northern Traditions Reimagined
Title: Harmonica: Northern Traditions Reimagined

Type: CD, Winslow Yerxa (Solo)

Year: 2011


For centuries, Scottish, French, and First Nations traditions have swirled together in the vastness of the northern wilderness and intertwined amid the comforts of settlement.

Winslow Yerxa reimagines this rich heritage with fresh ears, balancing curiosity and audacity with a deep love and respect for the tradition. He finds new beauty in old melodies through innovative arrangements, and writes original music that sounds both ancient and contemporary. His exciting, evocative playing is rooted in the richness of traditional Canadian harmonica styles and is always dedicated to serving the music.


  1. Blue Spruce Set (Trois Reels Québécoix)

  2. La femme du soldat

  3. Le rêve du quêteux Tremblay

  4. Reels Blanchette

  5. Close to the Floor – Cape Breton Set

  6. Teddy Boy’s Two-Steps

  7. Two-Step Polka

  8. Mouth of Keswick

  9. The Dominion

  10. The East Face of Cascade

  11. Saskatchewan Crossing

  12. La valse du Péril


US and Canada: $20.00

International: $25.00


Winslow Yerxa | The West Coast Jazz Harmonica Summit
Title: West Coast Jazz Harmonica Summit

Type: DVD, San Francisco Harmonica Ensemble)

Year: 2009


This DVD features eight wonderfully diverse jazz harmonicists captured in high definition video and pristine audio playing at the top of their game in front of a sellout crowd at the Digital Media Factory in Santa Cruz, California.

Featured Artists:

  • Pete Blasberg
  • Jon Eriksen
  • Steve Malerbi
  • Damien Masterson
  • Michael Peloquin
  • Michael Polesky
  • San Francisco Harmonica Ensemble
  • Slide Man Slim
  • Winslow Yerxa

Backing Musicians:

  • Jeff Massanari – guitar
  • Sam Bevan – bass
  • Bryan Bowman – drums
  • Penny Hanna – bass
  • Tuula Tossavainen Cotter – violin

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